Mr. Ongoing Story (ongoingstory) wrote in exodus__04,
Mr. Ongoing Story

The new Hikki album is out!

Ayeee... the new Hikki album is out. I picked it up yesterday, as soon as I could. I have to say its kinda weird. I read an article saying how people in Japan think its strange to hear her sing about sexual things... and I have to agree. The single "Easy Breezy" isn't the best track on there... "He's easy breezy, and I'm Japaneesey." Something's just odd about that.

But its so awesome to see one of my favorite Japanese singers crossover with, no other than, Timbaland, my favorite rap producer of all time. Now all that was missing was a rap-duet with Magoo... aww yeah, baby.

"She's Japaneesey,
I'm feelin' kinda queezey,
Pass a tissue,
I think I gotta sneezey."

My favorite tracks on this album are Exodus '04, Tippietoes, and Hotel Lobby. Very good songs, and her voice is frighteningly beautiful on these tracks.
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